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I had no reason to come to Hong Kong. Zero. Other than some old (awesome) Jackie Chan movies I barely knew anything about it. It was a British something or other right? Well, the reason I stopped there in the first place was to just break up part of the flight on the way to Thailand. The room was tiny, I don’t think I even had room to fart. Probably the norm in this place though.

HOTEL dorrset Hong Kong room

I was going for a personal record for how long I’ve been on a flight. This one was scheduled for 16 hours. Toronto to Hong Kong. My mojo was in full effect on the gate agent and I almost had me a seat in business class but instead of a price drop it went up by $400. They gave me an emergency row seat instead which is a score right? Until you see how it is laid out. I basically had a rotation of people standing in front of me stretching their legs etc. including one women who had to prove she memorized an hours worth of jazzercise. *Shrug* free entertainment I guess.


Hong Kong is tall. No so much from a population perspective but a landscape one. Mountains and buildings compete for which can make your neck more sore. I stayed in Kawloon. While still very built up, it has the classic Hong Kong feel, like the ones I saw in those Jackie Chan movies. Lots of Bamboo scaffolding, too many street stalls, shops and well, people.


Teslas are a thing here. Saw more here than any other city I’ve been, which is kinda cool. I’m no hippy but they’re just good looking cars. There was A LOT of good looking cars actually. I passed more than one lambo, a Ferrari, A Rolls Royce but it was the Austin Martin Vanquish stole my heart. That car is sex, riding a rocket ship, while shooting a machine gun…on four wheels. Still with me? Ok, FYI- a C class Benz seems to be the baseline ride for people who live on the island. I don’t get why you need to own a car in such a dense place but I’m sure it’s more of a status thing. So adjusting my clock made doing things difficult. I took sleeping pills to help me shift but it was a struggle. Despite my jet lag, I did manage to hit up two things. Big Budda and the Peak.


One more thing. The city at night has no equal. Never have I seen a show like the buildings put on in Hong Kong. Colours and patterns are just shy of making you feel like you’re on acid. I assume. So good job HK, truly a world city.

P.S. Can you tell I just got my GoPro and selfie stick?

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