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In my last post I said we are going to Greece and Turkey. I also said I needed help with my itinerary. So here is my dilemma:

My first itinerary is very logical in terms of travel times / cycle. We follow a very clockwise rotation from Athens, northern Greece, Istanbul, South West Turkey, Greek Islands then back to Athens. Like this:

Itinerary #1

22-Sep Leave Canada Fly to Athens
23-Sep Arrive in Athens – Check in to Hostel
24-Sep Athens
25-Sep Athens
26-Sep Athens – Day Trip – Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon
27-Sep Open (leave Athens?)
28-Sep Athens to Delphi
29-Sep Delphi to Meteora
30-Sep Meteora
01-Oct open
02-Oct Meteora to Mt Olympus
03-Oct Mt Olympus
04-Oct Mt Olympus
05-Oct Bus: Mt Olympus to Thessaloniki
06-Oct Thessaloniki
07-Oct Train: Thessaloniki to Istanbul
08-Oct Istanbul
09-Oct Istanbul
10-Oct Istanbul
11-Oct Fly?: Istanbul to Cappadocia
12-Oct Cappadocia
13-Oct Cappadocia
14-Oct Kayamalki Underground City
15-Oct Ihlara Valley
16-Oct Pamukkale
17-Oct Pamukkale
18-Oct Fethiye
19-Oct Ferry to Rhodes
20-Oct Rhodes
21-Oct Fly: Rhodes to Crete
22-Oct Crete
23-Oct Crete
24-Oct Crete – Vai Beach
25-Oct Crete – Vai Beach
26-Oct Crete
27-Oct Crete to Milos
28-Oct Milos
29-Oct Milos
30-Oct Fly Home

The benefit of this route is transportation: it would be the cheapest. And we end on the islands for some nice relaxation before we head home. I picked the Islands based on route and interest. I will be back to experience Santorini or party on Mykonos.

The next itinerary is better for weather and crowds.

Itinerary #2

22-Sep Leave Canada Fly to Athens
23-Sep Arrive in Athens
24-Sep Bus: Athens -> Delphi (3hrs – 16 euros)
25-Sep Bus: Delphi -> Kalambaka (for Meteora)
26-Sep Meteora
27-Sep Kalamaka (Meteora) to Litochoro (Mt Olympus)
28-Sep Mt Olympus
29-Sep Mt Olympus
30-Sep Bus: Litochoro (Mt Olympus) -> Thessaloniki
01-Oct Fly: Thessaloniki -> Milos (via Athens)
02-Oct Milos
03-Oct Milos
04-Oct Ferry: Milos -> Crete
05-Oct Crete
06-Oct Crete
07-Oct Crete – Vai Beach
08-Oct Crete
09-Oct Ferry: Crete -> Rhodes
10-Oct Rhodes
11-Oct Ferry: Rhodes -> Fethiye. Bus: Fethiye -> Pamukkale
12-Oct Pamukkale
13-Oct Pamukkale
14-Oct Bus: Pamukkale -> Cappadocia (8hrs – change in Konya)
15-Oct Cappadocia
16-Oct Cappadocia
17-Oct Fly: Cappadocia -> Istanbul
18-Oct Istanbul
19-Oct Istanbul
20-Oct Istanbul
21-Oct open
22-Oct open
23-Oct open
24-Oct open
25-Oct open
26-Oct open
27-Oct Athens
28-Oct Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon
29-Oct Athens
30-Oct Fly Home

What I like about this one is we head north right away. This allows us to climb Mount Olympus a little early (when the weather is better) and then run down and his the islands almost a full month a head of the last itinerary (also better for weather)

However we have two extra jumps to make a flight from Thessaloniki to Milos (via Athens). As well as, a train/flight from Istanbul to Athens (to catch our ride home). Flights from Thessaloniki to Milos are not ideal. Some I’ve seen on that have 20+ hrs of layover in Athens. Athens is also at the end now since I think the crowds will be a little lower and the weather doesn’t matter as much in the city.

I’m leaning towards itinerary #2 as the best option since it would be much nicer on the beach at the beginning of the month than at the end.

There you have it. Am I missing any other options? You can email them to me as well.  Tell me what you think!

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