Boston – Part 2: It’s Fenway or the Highway


I’m an early bird. I know you non-morning people just cringed, and if you want to click on your home button and hate me forever, I understand…. But we both know you’ll be back. I was up early indulging in my morning indulgence. A skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks. Everyone’s wifi seemed to work but mine so this was a sanctuary on two levels, caffeine & internet. It was also unreal humid already and we didn’t want another day like yesterday of walking around. So what was there to do? It seemed fitting to start the day off with a beer tour. So we went to the Sam Adams Brewery. While the tour isn’t very good, the tasting is excellent. I have been on one or two or ten brewery tours in my travels and at Sam Adams they know how to make it up the moral of the team. We drank four different kinds of beer and got to speak about the different flavors we tasted. Sure the pint glasses were on the small size but could be refilled by the pitchers being passed around. Sorry no pictures, had beer in my hands instead.

Checking out Boston Harbor Leaving Boston Harbor on a Ferry

The heat was really starting to set in so we decided to do something about it. Hit the high seas…by taking a Boston Harbor boat tour. At random, we took the one leaving next from Long Wharf right next to the New England Aquarium. It took us to George Island which turned out to be an fascinating and fun place. George Island has seen many iterations, from agriculture to American fort to civil war prison. You’re free to roam on your own with no areas sectioned off or person telling you not to take pictures. Some areas are completely pitch black save one tiny light in the distance. Head towards the light. Unfortunately we didn’t see the lady in black, the wife of a confederate soldier who supposedly haunts the island. Pity, I might have been able to charm the lass.

Prison Boston Harbor The Prison in Boston Harbor

The day was starting to end and it was time to, well, it was the whole reason we came to Boston in the first place. Fenway Park and watching a baseball game between the Boston Red Socks and Toronto Blue Jays. Red vs. Blue. I am not a big baseball fan, it’s too slow of a game for me. (Hockey is so much more fun) but to go to a park that’s over 100 years old, a real piece of American history, I cannot pass that up.

Entering Fenway Park, amazing! Sitting near Pesky's pole at Fenway Park Fenway Park Boston

Contrary to watching baseball on TV, the game went by pretty fast. We were seated next to “Pesky’s Pole” a Fenway Park Landmark, it’s the right field foul pole. Named after Johnny Pesky, a member of the Boston Red Sox from 1942-1952. Talk about doubling up on an already cool Fenway experience.

Pesky's Pole, Fenway Baseball Park, Boston

There was certainly a lot of energy in the building. Similar to the way hockey rinks get in Canada. It was also good to see the Toronto Blue Jays well represented by their fans there as well. After the game we retreated to the hostel to get ready for some more walking the next day.

Fenway Park, Right field

The last day in Boston was kept simple. We just toured around Harvard and while I completely respect the minds in this school and MIT. There was a large element of cheese walking round the campus. Maybe I’m too blue collar to be taken in by this but the singing groups, an obvious flash mob and hippie circles in the park just screened of trying to keep the image rather than people being who they are. Maybe I’m wrong but probably not. We did stop at a decent bar in the little village there and had a lobster burger. Nom.

Touring Harvard University IMG_20140907_161708

The flight back home was little more bumpy but all in all quick and painless. I’d definitely take Cape Air again. I’m just wondering when they’re going to start flying to NYC!

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  1. I loved Boston so much when we visited last autumn, I’d love to go back one day. I’m not a baseball fan either but Andrew talked me in to going to Fenway to see a game and I actually had a pretty good time. More than watching the game, I enjoyed watching all the fans, it was such a social event with people sipping beer and chatting away in between the many, many breaks in the action – it all felt so stereotypically American, I loved it!

    Amy April 2, 2016 at 11:01 am Reply

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