A six hour layover in Copenhagen

 Danish Statue

After visiting Moscow a second time I decided to move a long in the best way, blind. I searched for the cheapest flight out of Moscow and found a $140CAD flight to Copenhagen. Sold! Why not? I just wanted to pick a place on a whim and who wouldn’t want to learn about Copenhagen. However, the city of cyclists had a different plan for me. After booking the flight, I started to look for accommodation. Then I looked some more, and a little more, then a lot more. Two different ends of the spectrum were available: Inexpensive, outskirts of town hostels and too expensive hotels in the core. Where is the reasonably priced accommodation? Hostelword, hostelbookers left me out to dry. I couldn’t find a thing. In a last ditch effort I tried AirBNB but had no luck there either.

So what’s a traveler to do? Keep traveling of course.

I began to search flights again and as luck would have it. The next cheap flight was to Edinburgh for $87CAD. I was able to book the best accommodation yet. A private student dorm just down the street from the Grass Market and next to a food store. The only problem (if you want to call it that) was that the flight left six hours after I landed in Copenhagen. So what’s a traveler to do? Keep traveling of course!

 Shaun's Cracked Compass infront of the a canal in copenhagen

For my own purposes I concluded that I wasn’t going to try and squeeze in any attractions. No map of copenhagen, I was going anywhere my two feet guided me and would snap pictures along the way. Have a pit stop to eat, then keep on walking. After landing the airport is easy to figure out. I store my big ass backpack get what I need in my daypack and figure out the train. It’s in terminal three, there are kiosks that happily eat your money and give you paper and a ride in return. It’s a quick ride and does not cost too much (I can’t find it in my expense tracker, duh!)

Once in central station follow the crowd around Tivoli gardens and you’ll find yourself at city hall square with a view of Jens Olsens World Clock. A great place to  begin your descent into the cobblestone arteries of Copenhagen’s core. Just one question, what’s with all the Seven Elevens? Where is the copenhagen wheel? What street is this? Maybe I should have got a map of Copenhagen. 

 Copenhagen Denmark City Hall

So, I can’t tell you exactly where I was but I can show you in photos. I crossed many canals, got lost and trapped between water and a condo building, watched some street people yell at each other and kept walking. I embrassed my wanderings with at a bite at a Copenhagen bakery, sipped coffee at a café and people watched. Where was I? I don’t know… but I figured out by way back and became even more excited. Time for some Haggis!

P.S. If you recognize a place please identify it in the comments!

 Downtown Copenhagen


Copenhagen Canal sunk boat

Walking through Copenhagen

 Fountain in Copenhagen canal in danmark

2 Responses to A six hour layover in Copenhagen

  1. I did this exact thing when I was going to Senegal and had a stop over in Milan for 8 hours. I was traveling with a co worker and we just went to the city without a map and explored. It was great. We passed the Duomo on the way back to the airport and I had to Google what it was after.

    Melissa February 26, 2014 at 7:53 pm Reply
    • HAHA, I can’t think of a better thing to do when you’re in the middle of a long layover and a short one.

      Shaun February 27, 2014 at 9:37 am Reply

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