Top posts of 2012

This is a fun thing to do! So enjoy the top posts for 2012!


Most Popular: Greece Turkey Announcement











This was a surprise. Maybe it’s because it was on my front page?  It was a big deal for me since it was my biggest trip yet and also would be my first steps in to Asia. I was really excited.

Honourable mention and runner up: Surfing in El Palmar


Most helpful: A Dream on hold










No matter who you are, in this day and age we all need to deal with money. This was a hard life lesson for me. It’s personal. Sometimes personal finance is taboo.


Surprisingly underrated: Milos Beaches.


WHY? These were the most amazing beaches I’ve ever been to. Warm and welcoming in October! Do you know how amazing that is for a Canadian? The people were all very welcoming with the most outstanding was a free ride (from the rental car company owner) to our hotel.


Most controversial: Touring Sachsenausen Concentration Camp


World War II is a difficult subject to face. I am fascinated by that time in history and I take every opportunity to explore and further learn about what happened. This was the toughest one I’ve been to yet.


Most Beautiful Place: Meteora & Meteora in Photos


The landscape is capturing and the history intriguing. A very unique place on earth and the pictures speak for themselves.



Most Proud of: Hiking Mount Olympus & Part 2

A very big accomplishment, even with a rough sleep rattled the snorers shivers. I’d never climbed a mountain before. By the way, Zeus says sup!



Best (worst? lol) travel story: The Camping trip from hell.


Everything that could have gone wrong did. Would it surprise anyone if I told you we’re planning to go again this year? Beware, foul language ahead. If you’re offended, don’t read it.



Best Adventure: Proving Gravity – Skydiving


An unexplainable rush. I was so jacked after doing this I wanted to go again and again. Got a great video of the whole thing. Plus it was my buddies birthday.



I have MUCH more stories about 2012 that have not been published yet. After Pamukkale, I went on to Cappadocia, Istanbul and wrapped up in Athens. Need to wrap up what the last few days in Panama were like and talk about the finances of all these travels.

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  1. Glad you got on board with this! I am going to check out that camping trip now. Love a disaster story!

    Arianwen January 27, 2013 at 1:46 pm Reply
    • Then get ready, it was a bomb!

      Shaun January 27, 2013 at 3:52 pm Reply

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