Proving Gravity

Proving Gravity


I would like to tell you this is a story of over coming emotion. A heroine tale of how to conquer one of my biggest fears. Personal triumph in the face of adversity. However, I would be writing a lie. When it comes to blogging nothing is more important than the truth. So here is the truest account of my first time jumping out of an air plane. At 12,500 feet, and skydiving to the ground below. If you want a craziser story, how about the time I flew a Russian Fighter Jet


Skydiving is a bucket list item for so many. Doesn’t it seem like the ultimate thrill? The extremes of extremes? So why did I sleep so easily the night before? Not an ounce of anxiety was in my body (or did I shut it off?) I slept like a baby but the next morning the excitement was growing as soon as my eyes opened.


I have done a few big roller coasters and even a huge bungee swing at Old Town in Florida with my Dad. But that was far from being 12,500 feet in the air and jumping. So was I not freaking out?loading in to the plane ready to go Skydiving in Gatineau!


What I can tell you is I feel more like this is the way I want to spend my life. Big experiences. Sharing adventure and travel with like-minded, fun people.

Big Smile while acending in the plane. Can't wait to jump! Skydiving Ottawa/Gatineau

Everyone arrived at about the same time. Eleven people total jumping. Two on their birthdays. had all of us to deal with and they did a great job allowing everyone to pair up with the people they wanted to jump with. I was part of the second group. And even after the first group landed still pumped with adrenaline. My nerves where nowhere to be found. Excitement however, was exactly as I thought. Through the roof! I want this.


I paid extra for the video and pictures. The price was a little steep at $125 (on top of the $265 for the jump) but I had to capture my first jump.


We get suited up, meeting our tandem jumper and camera man. Ground school is just an informal: here is what’s going to happen & here is what you’re going to do. That was perfect since I really couldn’t wait to get up there. We all piled in the plane, taxied out, took off and started climbing. My good friend, as part of his birthday experience got to sit in the copilot seat for the whole ride up. He just had to put up with a very broken happy birthday song. Yet still, no fear. Just a perma-smile.

Plane loaded! Skydiving at Gatineau Airport

As the door was opened and my girlfriend jumped first, I recall the speed of her decent using the same word: “Whoa…” I’m freaking ready! I couldn’t help but look down. “WOW!” A couple of breaths are needed because I can’t believe this is about to happen.

Looking down.... I'm about to jump out of a plane. Skydiving Gatineau!

Then we Jump!

 Falling from the sky! Ottawa Gatineau Skydiving from Gatineau QC Airpiort

Free Falling! Skydiving from Go Skydiving GatineauThere isn’t words to describe this feeling. It’s not what you expect. There is no tummy twist like driving fast over a bump or on a roller coaster. It is speed. It is floating. The only way to know is to try it. The rest can only be expressed in pictures:

Flying! Shaun's Cracked Compass skydiving!Devil horns while Skydiving in OttawaSkydiving!!!The parachute opens!! SkydivingSafe landing. No Skydiving accident for me!

Big props to my one friend who’s idea and occasion it was. THE CRAZIEST (and best?) thing I’ve ever done. The people were amazing. It is now three days later and I’m still on a high. Can’t stop watching the video:

Shaun Proving Gravity – Video

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