Milos – Greek Island

Winging it to Milos turned out great. I can say thus far, Milos has been my favorite place in Greece.


It has this comforting small town feel. Not as touristy like some other islands and somewhat isolated because of the sea. Everyone is so friendly (unless you’re at the super market, but we’ll get to that in a sec) the beaches are some of the best I’ve ever seen and it’s not an expensive place to stay.


We  stayed in a small town on the north eastern tip called Pollonia. (Poll-own-yah) at a guesthouse called Anemoessa Studios: – it was right next to the shore with a balcony and window looking north at the sea. The bed was super soft which is a nice change from the large “bricks” the other hotels use as mattresses. (I don’t sleep as well on hard beds) A small kitchen is on the first floor and to our excitement, there was also a washing machine! We could wash our clothes! Woohoo! The owners have to be the nicest people on the Island. English can be difficult to converse in but French is no problem so we all got by speaking french which was a nice change! We needed to rent a car and they gave us (another) free ride in to Adamas – Adamas is also the port. Where we got some wheels.


Even though I tried, I couldn’t rent a dune buggy. The store was open, it was on display outside, but the excuse was “It’s out of season” okay…. so we got a regular car elsewhere. Interesting to note, in most of Greece road rules are just formality. I’ll explain this in a “observations of Greek life” post later on. All I can say is…. I like it.


The food pretty much everywhere was amazing. We ate at three restaurants while there. Two in Pollonia and another in Tripiti. And it was some of the best we’ve had. Great seafood, and great gyros!


We got most of our food from the super market near the port. This is always fun. As you see what they eat on a normal basis as well as play the point and nod game at the deli for your meat and cheeses.

But, on three separate occasions. A local would butt in front of us. It happened at the deli in the middle of my order. The checkout line before I’m going to pay and at the fruit weighing station (you need to weight your fruit and get a sticker in most of Europe) One person okay, they’re just rude or having a bad day but three different people on three different occasions. Annoying yes, but we’re guests here so we just let it go.


We needed some R&R after Olympus and a long travel day. Milos was about that so we didn’t really see the sights we just did what we felt like. And that was going to the beach.

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