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Getting to Milos was no easy chore after tackling Mount Olympus. I`ve been asked, why not Santorini? We need a place with less tourists and in our budget. Santorini is the opposite of both. All we wanted to do was lay on the beach. Swim. Eat. And sleep. Milos offers a wide and interesting range of beaches you must introduce yourself to. Here are just the ones we hit.

Provotas Beach:

This nice beach is located in the south-western part of Milos. A few restaurants line the beach but none were open while we were there. And maybe, it had 10 people on it. The scenery is nice. Massive multi-coloured rocks, soft sand and transparent waters made this a great place to start.

Paleochori Beach:

A few kilometres south of Adamas is Paliochori beach. With a few nice restaurants this beach looked like it could have a bit of a party scene. Now because it’s October, it didn’t.  But, we arrived to a nice sign pointing to free lounge chairs on the beach. Score! But our excitement quickly turned to pain as the pebbles and sand burned in to our innocent toes. The sand here was scorching! We made it to our chairs though. The mosaic that is the Milos coastline is in full swing here as well. More clear water allows you to see the curious little fishes getting close to your legs.

Firiplaka Beach:

Is on the south center shore of Milos. Next to Tsigrado beach  It’s a long beach with light coloured sand and a large rock near the west end giving the only shade. Fairly secluded down a dirt road it took some reassurance from the map to get us there. And getting to the beach is a little tricky as well. Be prepared to hop some stones around part of an outcrop. The water was inviting and clear enough that I could see all my toes while the waves hit my shoulders. Definitely the nicest looking beach we visited.

Mytakas Beach:

Was an unexpected stop as we just wanted a place to have lunch. Situated just a few minutes north east of Plaka. The sand was nice and the water is clean. Some typical Milos houses line the right side of the beach which dares your camera to point anywhere else.

Pollonia Beach:

Was both a nice and, because it was walking distance, convenient beach. A long coast but not much depth from the road, the water is calm, mostly shallow and not far from several boats anchored in the bay. It’s close to all of Pollonia’s restaurants which also have beach side terraces and has plenty of shade which helped my Irish skin against the sun.

Sarakilanko Beach:

Adding a caption just so you can tell where the photo ends and the white background begins.


More of a tourist attraction than a place to relax. This is because it challenges any beach in the world for having the most unique landscape. Bright, smooth pearl white rock clashes with gleaming blue sea. To the east a ship wreak makes for excellent snorkeling. Exploring the area was interesting and about as touristy as we got. However, I would classify this as a must if you’re visiting Milos.

Milos was travel comfort food. Didn’t even have to figure out what to wear. It was always bathing suits and sun screen. But our time was coming to an end and we decided to go to Crete. We got our ferry tickets but found out there was a unexpected, six hour, layover in (surprise!) Santorini….

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