Litochoro – Gateway to Mount Olympus

Leaving Meteora was difficult. I could have stayed much longer especially after having a few good conversations with the hotel owner and having a great meal at one of the cafes. But, we had our biggest challenge yet. Climbing Mount Olympus!!!

The train from Meteora to Litorchoro (Lih-toe-ho-row) was not only faster but cheaper than taking the bus (about 9 euros) So we jumped on the pineapple express nice and early and made our way to Litochoro. The base camp for going up Olympus.

The only downside to taking the train is the station is far from the town and really the only way to get in is by taxi which turned out to be 10 euros. But we got door-to-door service from Sakis, the friendliest taxi driver in Litochoro. He speaks English well and has a lot of local knowledge. If your there call him: 69 37 17 68 67 or email him:


He took us to our guesthouse: – Martina is unbelievably helpful. She turned an already nice place to stay in to I refuse to stay anywhere else. She was so nice, even helped research our on going travel arrangements. Really nice rooms, with small kitchenettes. Close to the center of town too. If you’re in Litochoro, stay here. It’s a must.

The town itself embodies “little Greek mount town” The roads are never straight, the houses never even between it’s neighbours. And everyone seems to know everyone else. In fact, our taxi driver Sakis was also our neighbour since his house was right next to the guesthouse.

There are lots of tourist shops and cafes along the main street and in the town square. Even a super market where we picked up most of our food. One night though, we landed in one of the cafes craving pizza. I know we should be eating Greek food 24/7 but sometimes you just want pizza and this place delivered…on taste and expectations!


What stuck out for me was the person who made it used crumbled feta mixed in with the regular cheese. And the crust was like nothing I’ve had before, also slightly crumble-ie… but a different kind of bread was used. I told the owner I’ve never eaten pizza crust like this, what is it? It’s delicious! He just smiled and patted me on the back.

Well there was nothing of this pizza left to prove it ever existed. And with a full belly it was time to get prepared for our hike up Mount Olympus.

2 Responses to Litochoro – Gateway to Mount Olympus

  1. Many greetings from Mount Olympus !

    We wanted to thank you for your nice and friendly words on your web-site.
    Hope to see you again one time !

    Martina from Guesthouse Papanikolaou and Sakis the best Taxidriver in town 🙂

    Martina and Sakis August 17, 2013 at 12:29 pm Reply
    • Oh wow! It’s SO nice to hear from you two! You made our trip in Litochoro.

      Martina you might be the most kind and most helpful person in the world.
      Sakis your patience for us to get to the bottom, funny jokes and every time we hear Whitney Houston we’re reminded how much you love her!
      and Papanikolaou is still the nicest guesthouse we’ve ever been to.

      We can’t wait to return!

      Shaun August 18, 2013 at 4:55 am Reply

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