Greece-Turkey Announcement


In just THREE WEEKS! We will be off to Greece and Turkey for six weeks. Sept 22nd – Oct 30th


This is going to be my longest time away travelling and it’s exactly want I want to stretch my legs in the travel world.


Here is a map of the places we plan to go:


In the coming posts, I will talk about my budget, packing and planning leading up to the trip.


While planning the trip to Greece and Turkey I’m left with a few important decisions to consider. Essentially, I have two itineraries that we need to finalized. Stay tuned to help me figure out which one is best.


The shoulder season is suppose to be one of the best times to travel. My experience in Europe has always been over the summer so I’m taking this opportunity to add a few things to my travel repertoire.


Why Greece & Turkey? Because of the shoulder season I wanted some place that was still a little warm. I don’t know much more than the basics about Greek mythology. The food it world renowned. And I’ve always wanted to explore the islands. Turkey peeked my interest after I found out about Cappadocia. If you haven’t heard of this place get ready to be intrigued. Think wind carved landscape, cliff side towns to underground cities. It will also be my first steps on to the edge of Asia.


So excited that it`s so close. But before I go there`s one more thing I have to do this weekend. Stay tuned.


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