Conquering Mount Olympus – Part 1

The biggest mountain in Greece. Olympus. Home of Zeus. And next on the to-do list.

We are not mountaineers. For the elitists in the audience who may turn their noses up at us we are being nothing but practical. We exercise, but not much hiking. And when we do, it’s nothing even close to a mountain.

Prionia is our launch point for the trail to refuge A.

It’s a 30min / 25€ taxi ride between Litochoro and Prionia. You can hike all the way from Litochoro but again, we’re not that experienced.

The hike up to Refuge A. Took 3 hours.

Refuge A:

Nice dorm-like accommodation. 12€ per bed. Some small rooms. Hung out by the fire, trying to stay warm. Made some small talk with people, enough to be purchased a couple beers. We had a six bed dorm. Which was full. Others had up to 17 beds in one room. We had a snorer. Let me tell you this mini story now:

Already having a bad sleep. I hear a nasal-illy disturbance. The trumpeting of air negotiating it’s way in to someone’s mouth and nose. Suddenly, two Shaun’s appear on each shoulder.

Good Shaun: Just roll over and tune it out. You’ll fall asleep no problem.

Bad Shaun: You’re not going to get any sleep! You need to do something about this now.

I give Bad Shaun the logical nod, pull the covers off, and give the singing-schnoz a double-tap on the leg. Snoring stops. But he suddenly says to me.


schnoz (Russian accent): “I’m not sleeping”

me: OK… but you were snoring.


I get back in to my bunk thinking I may have been wrong. Maybe it was the guy under him. If so, my bad. I know I woke both of them up anyway. So mission accomplished. I’m beginning to drift now, It’s quite and I feel relaxed until two heavy breaths then a big:




Now I double-tap the bottom bunk guy but as I’m doing it, I hear the beginning of another snore from Mr. I’m not sleeping.


Bottom Bunk guy: It’s not me.

Me: I know, sorry about that. Just really tired. Didn’t mean to.

Bottom Bunk guy: It’s ok, but someone is snoring.


Well, this happened a third time and I woke schnoz up again. He professed his innocence but I know what I heard last time so I was much more firm.


schnoz (Russian accent): “I’m not sleeping!”

me: Yes you are! you’re snoring!


In my mind, if you’re going to keep the rest of the room awake with your snoring I’m going to keep you awake too. So we can all suffer in silence. Am I breaking some hostel etiquette here? Or just doing what everyone always thinks of doing but never does? And by the way…. I’ve tried ear plugs, they’re no match against a snorer + a room with an echo.

Anyway. Stay tuned for Mount Olympus Part 2. Sleep deprived, we hit the Skala summit and make it all the way down in one day.


3 Responses to Conquering Mount Olympus – Part 1

  1. LMFAO. Your war against snoring has followed you over-seas it would seem. baaahahahahah

    SK1LLZ October 9, 2012 at 2:29 pm Reply
    • You started that war….now I must finish it!! lol.

      Shaun October 10, 2012 at 5:41 am Reply
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