Big travel day & wingin’it to Milos

We spent an extra night in Litochoro just to aid in our recovery and to work on how we were going to get from northern Greece down to the islands for some much deserved R&R. Milos kept peeking my interest as an island with varying landscape, far enough south to get some warm weather and a reputation good beaches. My mind is already at the beach I just need to get my body there.


We learned that to access and island this time of year you pretty much have to go through Athens. We were only 30 minutes away from Greece’s second biggest city, Thessaloniki (Thess-allo-knee-key) So we could fly to Athens, then Fly to Milos. The schedules however were not friendly. Crazy layover times in Athens was not in the cards. Train? possible, but the direct one didn’t leave until the day after tomorrow from Katerini @ 7:50am. Katerini is only a 20 minute bus ride from Litochoro.


I checked ferry schedules for getting to Milos and that was not cooperating either. It was expensive and sparse because they are on their autumn schedule. And took much longer than it should. A flight however, at 50 minutes and only $84 each. And left at 4:20pm. SOLD!


So getting to Milos lined up like this:

Bus to Katerini anytime tomorrow. Crash there.

7:50am train to Athens – arrive approx 1pm.

Metro from train station to airport – approx 40 mins

Catch an Aegean Airlines flight to Milos @ 4:20pm – arrive 5:10pm


Good to go right? Well, as many places as I emailed to book accommodation (in our price range) I didn’t get one reply. So we just decided to wing it and try to figure it out when we got there.



Was described to me as the local capital city of the area. Our hotel wasn’t bad even though it was far from the bus station and I took us the wrong way to walking there. The city itself is not in many guide books since most talk about it’s coastal neighbour. Since I didn’t spent a lot of time there I cannot say 100% but from what I observed it a younger-professional city. Lined with well designed cafes and bars. Taxi fares are arbitrary (since we went to the train station ahead of time to get our tickets)

Hotel to train station fare: 3.50€

Train station to hotel: 4.50€

(next morning) Hotel to train station: 4.00€


All the travel plans went off without a hitch. The train was uneventful, no issues getting on the metro and we landed in Milos airport, got our bags and watched as the small terminal empty until it was just us and our echos. I found a wifi connection, asked the cafe for the password but still no replies to my emails about accommodation. Now what?


Well this is when one of the best things happened. Our Aussie friends from Litochoro said they were going to Milos too and probably staying at this place:


I asked the rental car guy (Nikolas) if we could use the phone to call and he was happy to let us. When she finally picked up, she spoke french. We worked through a few things before I passed the phone to Isabelle who speaks french fluently. We booked our room right then! Now how to get there. The rental car place said there are taxi’s out front.


I went to go look but there wasn’t any. However he was leaving and told me “this place is in Pollonia, it’s where I’m from. I will take you there” Really? The rental car guy is offerring us a free ride? He dropped us off right at the door and outright refused to take my 10€ for it. I even through it behind him on to the drivers side seat but he handed it right back. He said buy me a coffee or something when you see me around. (I eventually bought him some Ouzo)


The kindness of some people is always shocking. And there`s something to be said for winging it eh? Milos was a really nice place to relax. We spent five nights there and it still felt too short.

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