An Unexpected Layover – Santorini

I knew from the beginning of this trip that I did not want to go to Santorini. Because it is the most famous Island, known for it’s high cliff top towns, overly-postcard blue church domes and legendary sunsets. Santorini is in most people’s minds-eye when you think of the Greek Islands. Just not mine.

snapped this one at a port along the way. How long do you think he’s been doing this?

The ferry over was long but enjoyable. Watched the sunrise. And we docked at various other small island ports. As the door drops in Santorini you’re slapped by a wave of touts: Rent-a-car, get-a-tour, come-to-hotels and ever other sales pitch you can think of. You do need to get some form of transportation as the port is at the bottom of the huge cliffs. We decided to rent a car. the first guy offered 50 euros, I eventually landed someone on 25 (which was still way too much) and it had almost no gas in it.

Walked around the main town for a couple of hours. Different stores, same tourist nick-nackie junk. Too many jewelry stores and over priced stuff. The restaurants that had signs with prices outside only made us laugh. Happy that we brought our own lunch. It was still very crowded with tourists. The heat did eventually get to us and we decided to go in to an ice cream store. To sit down and enjoy three scoops of ice cream for 9.50 euro!!!!!


I don’t like being ripped off no matter how good it looks. So it was around now that we wanted to get out of this town. We drove around the whole island. Window visiting the northern and eastern towns. Following our map. Making our way  to the southern tip where the black sand beaches are.


This is the only thing that peeked my interest. I’ve never seen a black sand beach and apparently Santorini has a couple of them. The beach didn’t disappoint. Though the sand was coarse, your feet still sank as you walked across the shore. The waves poking at your feet. Sky scrapping cliffs pushed out in the sea and there are a bunch of restaurants and bars back along the street.


I always said before that I can go to Santorini in my golden years. It’s always going to be easily accessible. However, now that I’ve been there. I’m not too sure if I’m even interested in going back. I found Santorini as touristy as Venice. If you liked one, you’d probably like the other. More like, I’d rather find the next place with a famous sunset. Yes, it’s a pretty looking place but there’s no substance. So Santorini, I’m not sure if we will bump in to each other in the future. Unless of course, there’s another unexpected layover.

4 Responses to An Unexpected Layover – Santorini

  1. Really? I always though Santorini would be amazing. Although I have never been there I have seen some amazing pictures of my Canadian friends. But I guess that is what very often happens to places which gets over popular with tourists. So much expectations that it is disappointing at the end.

    My Travel Affairs November 25, 2012 at 7:52 pm Reply
    • It looks good but I didn’t find much under the surface. Milos on the other hand, MY FAV!

      Shaun November 25, 2012 at 11:54 pm Reply
  2. I have travelled half the world and I have to admit that Santorini is by far one of the most spectacular places I have been. Very pricey but what big tourist attraction isn’t? I love shopgoing just as much as any girl but it’s not number one on my list. The natural beauty is unique any time of year. Greek winters are mild so I really don’t understand why everyone insists on visiting during the full tourist season and then complain about the crowds.

    Angels February 6, 2017 at 9:53 am Reply
    • It was the first week October when I was there, not really tourist season. It is great to look at, but from what I saw, there was nothing under the surface of Santorini.

      Shaun August 1, 2017 at 2:44 pm Reply

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