A New York Minute

New York City Skyline

I am currently packing for a weekend at one of the great cities in the world. New York City.

So what is there to do in New York City? Well, in one word, everything. The city that never sleeps can be a non-stop roller coaster of events, attractions restaurants and museums. Or, a test in immersion to see if you can be blend in to the millions strong eclectic clique known as New Yorkers.

This is my fourth time going to the big apple. First I was fairly young and did a lot of the tourist things with my grandparents. The most memorable was the intrepid Sea, Air & Space museum.

The next was the best so far. My uncle was living and working in Manhattan and invited me to spend the night at his place. After hanging with him for most of the day, he brought me to Rudy’s Bar & Grill. Pretty cool to still be a teenager and be in a bar, having a beer in New York and did I mention they server FREE hot dogs? I’ve been hanging on to that memory!

The third was pretty good too. It was with an ex which wasn’t so great. I think she thought we’d be wining and dinning her all over Manhattan ah-la sex and the city. I was in to exploring the city and finding some of the lesser known spots. Anyway, we took in an off Broadway play which I enjoyed way more than I thought. Saw some really fun upcoming comics as well as hit landmarks for photo-ops.

An often over looked attraction, that I unfortunately will be skipping on this trip is the Hayden Planetarium. Travelers are often so concerned with seeing the planet (and rightly so) they forget to explore dream about the cosmos. Yes, my inner nerd “gasims” at what can feel like a trip through space itself. It’s about the past & the future. If you’ve never been, have even a little “nerdiness” in you or just like looking up at the stars. You’ll enjoy it.

So why are you going to New York City?

Simply, to be with my Dad. And I guess we’ll go see one of the greatest guitar players of all time, Eric Clapton, live, at Madison Square Garden. Oh yeah, two nights in a row. My Dad showed me my first few cords on the guitar when I was 15. He is an accomplished singer and guitar player himself this might be one of the one chances we get to see him together.

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  1. I love NYC mate, have fun with your Dad.

    Stephen S. April 17, 2013 at 10:02 am Reply
    • Thanks man! It was incredible!

      Shaun April 18, 2013 at 6:15 am Reply

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