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Heavy Metal Culture

This weekend my girlfriend and I travelled to Montreal for our annual heavy metal concert Heavy MTL http://heavymtl.com/en/. We go every year as the organizers have a great setup for watching and always bring in a few big names as headliners.

We’re both big fans of live music and I’ve been a metal head since before I was a teenager. (Thanks Metallica)

Recently we’ve also been watching some of the Sam Dunn: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Dunn heavy metal documentaries. Heavy metal culture is global in scope and the camaraderie between metal head and metal head shares many virtues as it does between traveller and traveller.

Two main stages make up the viewing area so you’re never left waiting for the next band to setup.  One plays on the stage while the next act sets up on the other. The only downside is with the exception of the last couple bands there is never a full set. So if you’re really in to a band playing mid-day you might only see them play for an hour.

Our headliner was System of a down. One of my favorites, they really put a memorable show. I sang every song and heard one’s I had never heard live before.

Hearing what songs and shows people have been to remind me of speaking with fellow travellers on where their journeys have taken them. A lot of bloggers say they get tired of hearing the other travellers list. I haven’t yet at least. Sometimes you get to hear that place you never considered visiting. They painted a picture for you that is intriguing and motivating.

Montreal, my second city, never disappoints. It is always alive. And with all the band t-shirts on display as I walk the city it is easy for it to feel like home.

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